get fit with friends

Exercise is better with friends  it's that simple.

In addition to the friends you'll make by joining our community, we want to make it easier than ever to motivate YOUR friends into giving Lefthand a try.

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CrossFit Lefthand Referral Program

refer a friend, family member, roommate, coworker, neighbor... anyone!

for each of your referrals who join  you'll both save $10 on your memberships every month.

no limits, simply savings and fitness with friends.



Bring-a-Friend Days

Twice per month we host a free bring-a-friend day for a partner-style workout. 

have a friend (or 2) looking for a solid workout?

bring 'em.

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Free Lifts with 

Lefthand Barbell Club 

All are welcome on the last Friday of every month to join in on a free lifting session with the Lefthand Barbell Club to learn and work on your lifts!

Know someone who needs to their butt in gear and give Lefthand a try?

Make the introduction to change their life!

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