Lefthand's Tip of the Week - Ep. 1 - ROWING (Video)

Introducing our 1st episode of our video series "CrossFit Lefthand's Tip of the Week" with our Head Coach, Tyler Yoder. This week's skill: ROWING.


1. Damper Setting: Set your rower's damper between 4-6 depending on your build and rowing style. This range is most efficient for most WODs.

2. STAY TALL: Keep a tall, big chest throughout the entire stroke to ensure stronger pulls.

3. DRIVE THROUGH LEGS: Your legs are stronger than your arms, USE THEM! Drive through your legs first, then relax and pull your arms to finish the stroke.

How's your rowing style? Comment and let us know which tip was most helpful for you. Make sure to tune in next week for the following episode!


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