Lefthand's Tip of the Week - Ep. 3 - CHEST TO BAR (Video)

Need help getting your first Chest To Bar? Get some tips from our very own Coach Patrick Rios!

1. OPEN UP KIP - Expanding your kip more than you would on a normal pull up will create more momentum for you to get your chest to the bar. Bring your head further through your shoulders and extend your legs back more to generate enough power.

2. WIDE GRIP - Widen your grip by about an inch on each side so that you create more room for your chest to actually touch the bar. This also decreases the amount of space between the bar and your body, which will make it easier to bust out more reps. 

3. ELBOWS BACK - As you come up to the bar, focus on pulling your elbows down and back towards the wall behind you. This will feel like you’re actually pulling the bar to your chest.

4. HEAD ANGLE - As you pull the bar to your chest, keep your head up so that your chest automatically puffs out more and again makes it easier to complete the rep. 

5. BUTTERFLY (Advanced) - For those who have butterfly pull-ups or regular chest to bars already, you can increase your efficiency by focusing on brushing your chest on the bar on your way down as you perform your butterfly kip. 

We hope you enjoyed watching and learned something along the way! Make sure to tune in next week for our next episode!

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