Lefthand's Tip of the Week - Episode 4 - WALL BALLS (Video)

Our 4th episode of Lefthand's Tip of the Week is with Coach Tell Day. Today's skill: WALL BALLS.

1. BREATHING - Focus on inhaling as the ball goes up and touches the wall and exhaling as you go down into the squat. This will ensure that you are maximizing your lung capacity and oxygen intake and help you last longer during large sets.

2. WAVE HANDS - After you push the ball up, quickly wave your hands to keep the blood circulating throughout your arms. The more blood you keep circulating, the longer your arms and shoulders will be able to last.

3. PICK A TARGET - This is huge for focus and efficiency. Picking a target like a brick or line in the wall will help you hit your target and stay consistent during a large set.

Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed these tips. Make sure to tune in next week and goes balls to the wall on these wall balls!

Joey SaadComment