Lefthand's Tip of the Week - Ep. 2 - THRUSTERS (Video)

Need help on your thrusters? Get some great tips from our very own Coach Maggie Ault!


1. Squat - Once the barbell is cleaned and in the front-rack position, your chest stays tall both down and up in your squat. Your hips sit back and down past your knees, ensuring full depth before going back up.

2. Press - Tighten your glutes once you finish your squat and press the bar straight up overhead, pushing your head through and keeping your ribs down at full extension.


1. Breathing - It is KEY to know when and where to breathe. Although there are different theories on this, one theory is to breathe out once the bar is overhead and inhale fully as the bar goes back to your front rack. However, you don't want to inhale as you go down into your squat because your lungs won't have the capacity to do so for a big set.

2. Moving Through Reps - To ensure consistent and smooth reps, don't start your squat until the bar makes contact with your shoulders in the front rack from overhead. This will feel like your reps are moving slower, but you actually can sustain a larger set this way and you won't have to take as much rest throughout the workout.

Thanks for watching! We hope you learned something with us. Tune in next week for Episode 3!

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