Lefthand's Tip of the Week - Ep. 10 - TOES TO BAR

This episode of Lefthand’s Tip of the Week is with Coach Maggie. Today’s skill: TOES TO BAR.


GRIP - Grip strength is key for obtaining full toes to bar. Focus on gripping the bar with your thumbs wrapped underneath and the rest of your fingers over the top. This will help you maximize your grip strength during a workout. 

HIPS - Hip and core strength is also a key factor in having the ability to bust out reps. To build hip strength, practice strict toes to bar without any kip. Start by lifting your legs to an “L” shape, then 3/4 length, then fully reaching your toes to the bar. Focus on moving SLOWLY so that you don’t swing yourself when practicing. This will also help with your stability.


SHOULDERS - Sometimes we forget to keep our shoulders and scaps active while performing this movement. This leads to fatiguing quicker because you’re having to put more stress in your hands and forearms. Focus on engaging your shoulders, lats, and scaps the entire time you’re on the bar so that you’re using bigger muscles to stabilize yourself during a set. 

HEELS BACK - This is key for building larger sets of toes to bar. Kicking your heels back aggressively as you bring your legs down from the bar will help you maintain a proper kip and keep the momentum to keep busting out reps.

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