Lefthand's Tip of the Week - Ep. 5 - BACK SQUAT

Our 5th episode of Lefthand's Tip of the Week. This week's movement: BACK SQUAT.

1. Be braced before you start the lift. You want to engage your stability muscles including your core and your legs to ensure you have a good foundation before you start. It's important to focus on this because it's hard to stabilize and brace once the bar is taken off of the rack.

2. Press through your feet. Keeping them fully planted on the way down, you want to feel like every part of your feet are glued to the ground. As you press up from the bottom of your squat, feel your big toe push into the floor. Create the feeling of pushing the ground further underneath you as you come up.

3. Stand as fast as possible. Keeping your body braced and feet planted, you want to explode up out of the squat. A good key is to listen to the barbell make the "clicking" sound once you hit the top.

Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed this week's tip! Tune in next week for our following episode.

Joey SaadComment