Lefthand's Tip of the Week - Ep. 7 - PISTOL SQUAT


a) FEET TOGETHER SQUAT. This is for beginners who have never practiced a pistol squat and need to test their strength and mobility first before moving on to the box progression.

b) BOX PISTOL. For those who don’t have the hamstring mobility to stretch their extended leg out in front of them, this is a good drill to work on the pistol while keeping the stress out of your hamstrings. As shown in the video, the higher the box, the easier it is because your leg has more room to relax downward. As you decrease the height of the box your leg will be forced to come out in front of you more which will help you move you closer to the full pistol. Start with the highest box first, then decrease height as you feel more comfortable.

c) PLATE COUNTERBALANCE. Once you’ve completed the full box progression, try and perform a pistol while holding a 10 lb. plate out in front of you to help you balance. This is basically a full pistol without having to balance with only your core and upper body.

2. TIP ON FOOT PRESSURE. Contrary to a normal squat where you feel the weight in your heels, try to focus your weight at the balls of your feet so you can balance and raise up from the bottom of the pistol. This will keep you from falling backwards at the bottom of the squat.

We hope you enjoyed the tips this week! Tune in next week for the following episode!

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