Lefthand's Tip of the Week - Ep. 8 - YOUR FIRST HANDSTAND PUSH UP


Focus on extending your arms above your head and keeping them straight as you kick up towards the wall. Keep your feet staggered and only kick up with one foot at a time. For those who are tentative about going upside down, keeping your arms locked above your head. This will ensure that you won’t fall down in any way and will help you build confidence as you practice going upside down.


Before you begin, try and tape 2 marks just outside shoulder-width apart and roughly 8-10 inches out from the wall to indicate where your hands should be placed.

Once you kick up, as you go down focus on bending your elbows away from the wall and bringing your head in between the wall and your hands to establish that tripod position, which essentially is the same position as when you put a barbell in the front-rack. Placing your head and shoulders in the right spots will ensure a solid foundation and that you’re engaging your shoulders properly.


As shown in the video, try and work towards keeping a straight line between your shoulders and your heels. One way to do this is to constantly keep your core engaged and bring your head through your shoulders as Coach Tell demos for you. Keeping this solid form will take the stress off of your mid and lower back and produce more strength in your shoulders.

Thanks for watching! Tune in next week for the following episode!

Joey SaadComment