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Certification: CF-L1

Scott became passionate about CrossFit from the moment he started. He saw the value and positive change it brought to his life which reflected through the challenge, community, and atmosphere that CrossFit fosters. He believes in what Lefthand provides through its coaches and the people that come here on a daily basis. 

Scott, who's currently a software engineer, decided to pursue and complete his L1 certification after a few years of WODs so that he could learn the fundamentals of coaching. He now fills his time between working at home and coaching at the gym. 


Scott Saad, Owner and Coach

Certifications: Mother, Wife, CrossFitter

Megan started CrossFit a few years ago after her husband, Scott, had been at the gym for a few months. A busy mother of 3 children, Megan wanted to make time for herself and her fitness. As she became more involved in the community, she realized she loved it. A year and a half later, she now co-owns the gym with Scott while homeschooling 2 of her 3 kids. She still makes time for herself despite her busy schedule because she knows how important it is to her and her wellbeing. She challenges mothers out there to make time for themselves despite the hectic and sometimes chaotic schedule a family brings.

Megan Saad, Owner

Certifications: Life Enthusiast

Joey joined Scott and Megan on their gym-owning journey about a month after they took over. As a recent graduate of business administration, he manages the facility as well as the marketing, website design, and social media channels. His favorite food is Megan's homemade nachos and he enjoys playing golf when there isn't snow on the ground. 

Joey immediately became addicted to the challenge and the benefit CrossFit brought to him after only a few months. For a more detailed anecdote of his experience prior to and after joining Lefthand, take a look at his blog post.

Joey Saad, General/Marketing Manager


CrossFit Level 3
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Football
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit Aerobic Capacity
Precision Nutrition - 1
First Aid CPR/AED

Tyler has always been involved in sports. He began CrossFit about seven years ago when his mom first told him about the fitness phenomenon. At the time, he was transitioning into his first year of college at the University of Colorado and trying to train for athletics at the collegiate level. His goal was to walk on to the football team but ended up pursuing rugby. He found that CrossFit was the mechanism that allowed him to reach the strength and fitness demands of his new sport.

While in college, he continued using CrossFit to give himself a competitive edge in rugby without detracting from his studies in Integrative Physiology and Business Management. He has taken courses in nutrition, health and performance, biomechanics, exercise physiology and motor learning. Fitness has always been his passion and he is always trying to share this zeal for health, life, and wellness with everyone.

Tyler Yoder, Head Coach 

USAW Level 1

Tell’s athletic background is steeped in military service. He spent four years in the Marine Corps Infantry and was part of a Scout Sniper Platoon, where he served as team leader on two deployments. During that time, he saw how well some of his peers were handling their stressful positions and wanted to know their secret. They introduced him to CrossFit and after doing the workouts, he immediately felt a difference.

CrossFit training strengthened both his mind and body. It was a winning combination that would motivate him to become a coach. These days, he specializes in gymnastics and believes CrossFit can benefit anyone, no matter their background.

Tell Day, Coach

Certifications: CF-L1

Maggie Ault specializes in youth strength and conditioning development. “I find joy in helping others reach their goals and to be able to teach someone something new," she says. “It’s rewarding when you see a member come in consistently, even on their bad days, and see them put work in during the WOD.”

Maggie has played soccer all her life, including four years at Kansas Wesleyan University. “Soccer to CrossFit was a good transition for me. When I came to CrossFit Lefthand, I realized I could coach sports athletes and CrossFit athletes. I’m honored to say I get to do what I love - coach!”

Maggie Ault, Coach


Patrick is a Boulder native born in Chicago. He is an avid competitor in many sports, representing his high school football, basketball, and track teams. For him, fitness is a by-product of the enjoyment that stems from all types of exercise. Patrick is the person who will see a picture or video of someone doing an athletic skill and spends the rest of the day working at it until he can do it as well. He specializes in all things gymnastics.

When he’s not at the gym, he loves to cook all types of cuisine. He says, “Ask me about the Paleo Samoa Donuts.”

Patrick Rios, Coach


USAW Level 1

OPEX Assessment

OPEX Program Design

OPEX Life Coaching

Functional Range Conditioning - Mobility Specialist

Kevin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and performance coach who specializes in injury prevention/rehabilitation, weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman. Originally from Philadelphia, he moved to Colorado in 2015 after graduating from Thomas Jefferson University.

An athlete all his life, Kevin played collegiate soccer at Saint Joseph's University before competing for Team Crossfit 215 at Mid Atlantic Regionals in 2012. He has since transitioned to coaching where he has helped multiple athletes compete at a national level in USAW, USAPL, and CrossFit events. In addition to treating patients and coaching, Kevin is a staff member for Power Speed Endurance teaching the Art of Breath course at facilities around the country.

Kevin's goal is to maximize each athlete's individual potential by enhancing movement capacity, proper mindset, and intelligent program design. It is his belief that establishing a proper base allows everyone to achieve lifelong improvement in and out of the gym.

Kevin Kirsch, Head Weightlifting Coach