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Megan started CrossFit after her husband, Scott, had been at the gym for a few months. A busy mother of three children, Megan wanted to make time for herself and her fitness. As she became more involved in the community, she realized she loved it. She now owns a gym with Scott while homeschooling 2 of her 3 kids. She still makes time for herself despite her busy schedule because she knows how important it is to her and her wellbeing. She challenges mothers out there to make time for themselves despite the hectic and sometimes chaotic schedule a family brings.



Megan Saad - Owner

Carlo grew up in South Jersey and graduated from The College of New Jersey with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. After graduating in 2011, Carlo began doing workouts in his parent’s basement and quickly immersed himself in the training. Having played soccer his entire life, he was also immediately drawn to the competitive scene - ultimately qualifying for the Northeast Regionals on the CrossFit 1Force team in 2013 and 2014.

Carlo was also a coach and the operations manager of CrossFit 1Force, as well as a coach at Wodify Strength and Conditioning.

Carlo relocated to Colorado in 2016 to ski, hike, and be outside. In addition to coaching at Lefthand, Carlo owns the supplement company Life Pure Recovery based out of Boulder, and plays rugby on a local men’s team.

You’ll most likely see him wearing short shorts, squatting and/or pushing the sled outside (to which he says all are invited to join).

Carlo DiMeo - Coach

Scott became passionate about CrossFit from the moment he started. He saw the value and positive change it brought to his life which reflected through the challenge, community, and atmosphere that CrossFit fosters. He believes in what Lefthand provides through its coaches and the people that come here on a daily basis. 

Scott, who's also a software engineer, fills his time between working at home, family and coaching at Lefthand.


Scott Saad - Owner/Coach

Patrick is a Boulder native born in Chicago. He is an avid competitor in many sports, representing his high school football, basketball, and track teams. For him, fitness is a by-product of the enjoyment that stems from all types of exercise. Patrick is the person who will see a picture or video of someone doing an athletic skill and spends the rest of the day working at it until he can do it as well. He specializes in all things gymnastics.

When he’s not at the gym, he loves to cook all types of cuisine. He says, “Ask me about the Paleo Samoa Donuts.”


Patrick Rios - Coach

Maggie Ault specializes in youth strength and conditioning development. “I find joy in helping others reach their goals and to be able to teach someone something new," she says. “It’s rewarding when you see a member come in consistently, even on their bad days, and see them put work in during the WOD.”

Maggie has played soccer all her life, including four years at Kansas Wesleyan University. “Soccer to CrossFit was a good transition for me. When I came to CrossFit Lefthand, I realized I could coach sports athletes and CrossFit athletes. I’m honored to say I get to do what I love - coach!”


Maggie Ault - Coach